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Weak Stayman

Today we added Weak Stayman to the bidding system.

Stayman after an opening bid of 1NT is one of the most popular bridge conventions. It’s main purpose is to find a 4-4 major fit. Stayman normally shows at least enough strength to invite to game but it can also be used as a weakness takeout if responder has both majors.

Better Card Reading

The latest update to the Sky Bridge Club game engine includes an improvement in the way the computer views the hidden hands.

When deciding what card to play for the first 8 or so tricks, the computer takes it’s best guess about the distribution of the remaining cards and then plays as it it could see all four hands, based on that guess. The computer now pays closer attention to the opening lead and third hand play to the first trick. Later in the hand that information becomes increasingly valuable in figuring out the missing cards.