Two bids

Two bids. That’s all you need.. #twobids is not a bidding system, it’s more of an approach to bidding. It’s a style of bidding that’ll get you to the right contract most of the time and quickly.

The most common contracts in bridge are 1NT, 3NT, 2H, 2S, 4H, 4S. So often, you’ll know you’re going to be heading to one of those contacts as soon as the first round of bidding is over but, also so often, we take detours just in case there is a better contract. Just in case there is a slam, we describe our hands more accurately. Just in case we have a 4-4 fit we use Stayman or some other gadget to explore further.

The cost of not exploring is that we sometimes end up in an inferior contract but there are also costs to exploring that most people seem to ignore.

It’s much easier to defend when declarer has carefully described his hand for the defenders. What to lead becomes less of a guess after five rounds of bidding. Loose lips sink ships and contracts.

I tried making just two bids, maximum, on every hand for a month and it was quite enlightening. Two things stood out.

If you stumble upon a 4-4 major fit then great, you’ve found your suit. But don’t go digging too deep because if you haven’t found a 4-4 on the first round of bidding then you probably won’t have one. Not exploring is worth on average about half a trick every contract because the defence don’t know what to lead or how to defend.

Worried about missing a slam? Stop worrying because if you’re anything like me you bid too many slams going down anyway. Wait for the obvious ones. Besides, getting to game quickly makes it harder for the opposition to know when to sacrifice or even when they’re missing a game themselves. And they often sacrifice when they shouldn’t. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. And there’s always that extra half trick to be had with a speedy auction.

Apart from anything else, I just get completely bored with conventions and tedious auctions and I need all the little brain power I have to play and defend. I can’t afford to wear myself out before dummy even hits the table.