Bridge Online

Graeme Tuffnell is the developer of the online bridge game at Sky Bridge Club.

At Sky Bridge Club, players can play bridge online against the computer then compare scores with other players. An active community of players take part in the end of hand discussions. Much of the work done in improving the bridge software relies on feedback from that community.


The computer plays a natural bidding system. You can select 4 or 5 card majors, weak or strong notrump, weak two bids or strong two bids and transfers. Stayman is on automatically.

Jump bids in a suit that has already been bid are invitational, not forcing.
1S – 3S = 10-12 points

Likewise, a jump to 2NT is invitaional.
1anything – 2NT = 10-12 points

Doubles of notrump bids are always for penalties.

Stayman and Transfers are off after interference and are not used if our side overcalls in notrumps.