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Graeme answers some bridge questions about changing suit with strong hands and ace asking.

Jump to game and ace asking

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Happy new year from snowy Japan.
Luba Roth
You are a gorgeous couple. Best wishes for 2024. Good health, peace and joy. Lots of love. Luba
Happy New Year and have a wonderful holiday. I am using Skybridge to teach my grandson who is 9 and loves Bridge. He is already able to count points and open the majors, minors and 1NT.
Thank you Graham for all your enjoyable Bridge. Wishing you a very happy 2024.
Gordon Tate
Thank you very much for all the bidding and card play advice you give. There are, as you know, a number of contract bridge videos on the internet but, in my opinion, yours is the best. A very happy new year to you from the UK.
Thank you for your really helpful videos. Wishing you and yours all the best in 2024 from Trinidad🇹🇹
Thanks for all your very interesting programs. Looking forward to more learning and wishing you both a very Happy New Year
Thank you for making Life and Bridge so much fun :). x
Happy New Year from London and thanks for all the games and fun!
Hank - USA
Have a great New Year Graeme. I started every day in 2023 with ten hands on SkyBridge
Happy new year from Oxfordshire to both of you. Looking forward to seeing more of your pragmatic approach to bidding and playing bridge in the coming year. Your tuition is the best I have seen yet!
Happy new year Graeme and thank you very much for all the super helpful videos and insightful comments. Have a great time.
Happy New Year from Newfoundland, thanks for the enjoyable and enlightening Bridge experience on SkyBridge !
Ernie Conner
First hand would work well with Jacoby 2NT response. Last hand I would respond 6NT telling partner that my points combined with their opening bid using Standard is 33+. If partner opened with more than 13, they can evaluated going 7NT... Happy New Year!
Thanks Graeme for your instructive videos. Really helps this beginner learn this challenging and fun game!!
Happy new year 7NT
Happy new year from Washington DC
Happy New Year. The videos from SkyBridgeClub are fun and thought-provoking, and brighten my days.
Thank you for your great videos and your sense of humour! I feel improvement in my games! Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife.
Irene Foley
Thanks Graeme, always a pleasure to watch your videos. Good health and happiness for 2024.
I think if partner opens and partner has an oppening hand as well as good trumps he could bid 4C asking for Aces
In one of the You tubes lessons, it stated that if you don't show your fit, opener may6 only have five of what they bid and 12 points and have nothing elese to bid, so then you could be stuck in 2C
Bob R Belair SA
Thoroughly enjoy every time. Thank you
Happy New Year from Philadelphia. Wishing for peace in the coming year
Best wishes for a very happy 2024. I love watching your videos, review of games, bidding rationale etc..I am learning so much..thank you from Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Happy new year Graeme. You must be very proud of how far you have come since first starting sky bridge . I’ve been with you since the start and still hoping for some improvement ! ( my fault not yours !) Val
Happy New Year to all. I really enjoy the you tube sessions and questions. Thank you.
Laura Sankey
Happy New year to you both from Monpazier France, wishing you peace and good health. Love your videos they have really helped me with my bridge journey.
Happy new year to both of you from Munich! Thank you for letting take us part to your thought process! I improved my play thanks to you!
Helen and Roger
We look forward to your videos, a highlight of the week. Your thought processes in particular are very reassuring. We rarely watch live, but catch-up. Thank you so much and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.
Happy New Year Thanks so much from Toronto Canada, and hopefully 2024 will have tips for defense!!!
Happy 2024 to you and your family, and thank you for all your bridge guidance and support over the past year!
Happy and a healthy New Year.Thanks for you very helpful videos.
Heather Templeton
Happy new year, bit cold but happy, going to be 30 deg for next few days.lovely for a change.,thanks for all your help over the years.
Happy new year, Heather!
Heather Templeton
Hi, does skybridge have a system for 1st discard, I’m trying to let N know what card I’d like N to play and letting N know that I have a high card in that suit.

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