Play Bridge

Practice Hands
Practice your bidding and play for new players.
Watch as Graeme Tuffnell chats his way through 10 hands of bridge from Sky Bridge Club.

Bridge Lessons

How to Play Bridge
Learn how to play bridge. Easy lesson to get started.
Scoring in Duplicate Bridge
Learn how the scores are calculated in bridge.
Bidding in Bridge - 3 Strategies
Overview of constructive, competitive and balancing auctions.
Constructive Bidding
When just you and your partner are in the auction it's all about constructive bidding.
Notrump bidding in bridge
Learn about 1NT and 2NT opening bids in bridge. Stayman, transfers and other responses.
Weak 2 Bids
Learn about weak 2 bids in bridge.
Opening at the 3 level
An opening bid at the 3 level is a preempt showing a 7 card suit and a weak hand.
Overcalls in Bridge
An overcall is a bid you make when the opposition have already opened.
Doubles in Bridge
Learn about takeout, negative, balancing and penalty doubles.
Balancing in Bridge
When the bidding is about to die out at a low level it's time to consider a bid.
Slam Bidding - Luck, Strength, Controls
Simple, effective slam bidding and some useful slam bidding conventions.
Declarer Play
Three common techniques used as declarer in bridge for winning extra tricks are suit establishment, finessing and ruffing.
Remembering the cards
Learn how to remember the cards played at bridge. There's an easier way!